Human power of DAISHIN SEIKI

Our elite engineers spirits, persistent pursuit of quality, open new possibilities. Huge power and ability of cutting edge devices helps the spirits to real products. These generates "High accurate products and Very quick respoce services".

Our Core value is keep receving "Thank you" from customers

"Thank you DAISHIN-san! It helped!".
The messege from our customers are the most happiest moment for us. To hear these voices to meet their requirements thousands, and more, millions of times, DAISHIN SEIKI keeps improving smimultaneous 5axis machining, high-precision, complex shape and difficult-to-machine materials. Also, shorter lead time and lower cost. This "Thank your" is the "Power" motivating our "Spirits".
Most of our engineers have first-grade national certification.
Also, first-grade national CAD certification.
We keep on developing our engineers and devices.