Company President Ryosuke Omachi



 From the day of establishment, DAISHIN SEIKI has been and still is creating engineering techniques with our best engineers. As economy and information technology advances at an accelerated speed, DAISHIN development does too.

 Meeting our clients' requests with quick responces and cutting-edge machining technologies are the soul of our company. We are researching future social trends, making quick management decision and cooperating with elite engineers.

 Let's develop your dreamas and create new possibilites for the future!

As always thank you.

We look foward to supporting your dreams into the future.

CEO Ryosuke Omachi

Corperate Identity

DISHIN Corporate Identity
The initial "D" in DAISHIN is curved to represent our quick responce.
Straight line inside expresses credibility between our customers.
We also blended the sharp edge to express our strong direction and the rounded shape to reflect our flexible responce.
Italic letter expresses an image of our soulful specialists who advance and uprise by seeking higher quality.
These are the qualities necessary for creating prototypes at Daishin.
Dark blue expresses credibility and our strengh of technology.
Light blue expresses clean and advance image.